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Public Speaking for All Students

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Contact Number: (336) 274-5250 - 9am-9pm

    YouthSpeech is owned and operated by attorney Kent Brown


    Public Speaking

    Students of all ages must participate in many kinds of public speaking during elementary, middle, and high school. Yet, for various reasons, they may not receive specific instruction and emphasis in this area. That is where YouthSpeech comes in. 


    It Starts with Composing

    After you have researched and written or (preferably) typed out your speech, YouthSpeech can help with memorizing and delivering it for an effective presentation that shows you are in command of your subject and deserve a high grade. 



    Your first session is at no charge.  After that, the fees are low:  $5.00 per student per hourly session with no minimum of sessions. The fee is this low because sessions of around 5 students are anticipated and YouthSpeech is not profit oriented.  Apples are optional. 

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    Mission & Goals


    The core mission of YouthSpeech is to introduce students to various forms of public speaking who may not otherwise have an opportunity; this lack of opportunity may be because of time, finances, or other constraints. Its mission includes continuing to help such students excel at public speaking and prepare for presentations. 

    For younger students, the initial goal of YouthSpeech is to introduce speaking in front of others about a topic which interests them. The objective for all students is building confidence by enhancing performance during speeches after more preparation and deliberate practice. The ultimate goal of YouthSpeech is to foster a perpetual appreciation of and readiness for public speaking in the future.

    Subjects Covered at YouthSpeech


    • Deliberate Practice
    • Eye Contact
    • Mannerisms
    • Memorizing
    • ADHD
    • Preparation
    • Procrastination Avoidance
    • Overcoming Shyness

              Special Note:  We all learn best

              by doing.  Public speaking is no

              different. You just may find 

              you're good at it and enjoy it!

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    Whether you want an introduction to or practice with public speaking, or want to get out of the shyness that is holding you back, YouthSpeech can help students of all ages put their best foot forward.


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